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Metabolic Syndrome

JH, Ann Arbor, MI

"I 200% recommend making an appointment with Dr. V. We fixed things I didn't even know were broken and I feel AMAZING!"


AC. Willis, MI

"I have diabetes and high blood pressure and have been working hard to improve my health over the last year.  My goal is to be off all prescription drugs. Despite losing weight and adjusting my diet, I still was on diabetic and high blood pressure meds. I was interested in Dr. Vickie’s services but hesitant to join a concierge practice.  She assured me that we could improve my numbers, so I made the leap and invested in myself.  The results have come quickly.  By our third appointment, I was seeing improvements.  After 2 months I’m off my diabetes medication and have reduced my blood pressure meds in half.  There’s more to do, but I’m motivated by our successes and have renewed sense of hope for my future health."


BK. Seattle, WA

“I was referred to Dr. Modica for high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease and because I did not want to take statins or other drugs.  She did a thorough review of my health and diet and ran tests that showed that I had very high triglycerides and some family risk.  We discussed ways that I could improve my health and 6 months later my new tests showed more improvement than I could have expected.  I came to her already motivated, but her optimism that I could stay away from statins really helped keep me going! ”


GJ. Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Dr. Modica is a liberating and transformative experience. She is highly skilled, investigative, empathetic, bright, compassionate, and holistic in her approach. She uses a myriad of modalities and complementary practices to support and care for her patients. In the realm of medical professionals, it is quite rare to work with someone of her caliber. Rare, because not only is she a natural healer with a humane, comforting presence, but she is also a top-notch scientist and technician, with a keen intellect and a deep commitment to continual education and research. I recommend Dr. Modica with full confidence.”

AC. Ann Arbor, MI

“I recommend Dr. Vickie to anyone suffering with any kind of gut problems.  Multiple doctors were unable to help me and I was tired of trying on my own.  I didn't think I would ever get better, but I'm feeling great and I learned a lot about how to take care of myself and my family!”


DB. Seattle, WA

“I started working with Dr. Modica after my cancer treatment.  I needed support after chemo to feel like myself again and to understand what I could do to prevent a recurrence.  She helped me recover energy, reduce my brain fog, and gave me confidence through testing and education that I'm doing everything I can to stay cancer free!


AM. Bothell, WA

“2 months after delivering my baby girl, I sustained 6 spinal fractures when picking her out of her swing. It was an unexpected diagnosis of osteoporosis at age 35. My bone density was extremely low. In the spine it was the worst at -5.6. I considered conventional drugs and all of them had extremely high side effects. Dr. Vickie put me on a bone density building program. She was supportive, quiet force in the time of complete distress. She educated me on the disease first so I could make more informed choices in my diet, exercise and supplementation. A year later after sticking to the program, my bone density improved. The wrists were now considered osteopenic (improved!) and my hips and spine were much better. What I liked about Dr. Vickie’s approach the most was that she set realistic goals for me, always gentle and encouraging but respectful of what I could take on in terms of changes. I always knew that she “had my back.” Sometimes literally so! ”

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