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Access Natural Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit—providing lower-cost options for clients with financial need is its mission.

Considering the cost of naturopathic care there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Naturopathic Medicine is not licensed in the state of Michigan, therefore insurance does not cover it and Dr. Modica can not write prescriptions. This is why Dr. Modica provides "Naturopathic Consultations". Some FSAs and HSAs, however, have been known to cover some or all fees. Please check with your insurance provider and you should make sure you are comfortable with their policy before signing up.

  2. Discounts for Dr. Modica's time and supplements are available, but common therapeutics are not, These include potential extra costs for special diets, lab testing (which is never marked up for any client), special products/equipment (e.g.: home blood pressure cuff or blood sugar monitor), or referrals to other providers. Some clients have had their primary care provider, when willing or able, order certain labs or prescribe equipment so that their insurance will cover it.

  3. Dr. Modica will never haggle with you over cost nor reduce the level of service you are provided based on what you can afford. That said, in order to keep this service available for others in need, please choose the option you can truly afford not less (and not more). All available options are discussed below.

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Regular Pricing:

As explained onthe "Working Together" page:

  • Initial 90-minute intake—$250

  • Follow Ups—$200/hour or $100/30 minutes

    • 4 Pack 1-hour Appointments Bundle—$640 (20% discount)

Percentage Discounts
20% of Supplements and you choose A–D below as appropriate
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​A. 20%

  • Initial 90-minute intake—$200

  • Follow-Ups—$160/hour or $80/30 minutes

​B. 30%

  • Initial 90-minute intake—$175

  • Follow-Ups—$140/hour or $70/30 minutes

​C. 40%

  • Initial 90-minute intake—$150

  • Follow-Ups—$120/hour or $60/30 minutes

​D. 50%

  • Initial 90-minute intake—$125

  • Follow-Ups—$100/hour or $50/30 minutes

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