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  • Dr. Vickie Modica

Concierge Health Care at Modica Wellness Solutions

Hi.  I’m Dr. Vickie Modica.  I’m a licensed Naturopath and the founder of Modica Wellness Solutions.  I just wanted to drop this first post to say a quick hello, welcome, and give you a chance to get to know my business and why I have chosen to practice giving you multiple options to choose from including the “Concierge” or membership option. 

Why Concierge Health Care?

Being wellness focused, no matter where you are on the health spectrum, takes commitment, patience, and time, from you and your doctor.  The conventional medical model that we are most familiar with, is a fee for service, appointment-based model that requires doctors to see large numbers of patients.  Regardless of good intentions, busy doctors have to cut corners. Cutting corners in this regard means skimping on preventative care because they only have time to deal with the acute problem in front of them.  Unfortunately, we suffer unnecessary health (not to mention financial) consequences when preventative medicine isn't adequate  This conventional approach of overloading physicians clearly isn't wellness or patient-centered.  As we all know, quality suffers when we try to do too much at once.

In contrast, Concierge practices limit the number of patients they take.  This gives both patient and doctor the gift of time.  More time = superior quality care.  You'll have time to tell your story and all doctors know that you and your health history are the most valuable diagnostic tools we have.  This system fosters a deeper doctor: patient relationship and therefore, safer, more comprehensive, and more individually planned health strategies that focus on healing, prevention, and quality of life.  In my concierge practice, I add two additional helpful layers:  a holistic Naturopathic approach and the convenience of telemedicine.  

Here are some of the reasons why I’m super excited about my unique Naturopathic Concierge health service:

It’s Convenient:  You can communicate with me from home, work, or wherever you are.  And, you can call, text, or email me whenever you need.  

It’s Holistic:  As a Naturopath, I’m concerned with your whole health, not only your presenting symptoms.  We’ll work together to resolve your most pressing concerns then move on to general disease prevention and quality of life.  I use a lot of logical tools like diet, lifestyle, labs, herbs, and nutrients in a hybrid doctor-coach model. 

It’s Personalized & Preventative:  The Concierge plan provides generous time for us to work together.  This allows me to really get to know you and your unique health care needs.  In addition, I use detailed functional lab testing, which provides lots of super helpful health and genetic data focused on the prevention of illness.

There's Ample Time:  Frequent appointments are built into the concierge membership and you can call, text, or email whenever something comes up or you just have questions.  This is how a “deeper” level of care becomes possible.  In addition, having more time means we can move at your pace; no more drinking from the fire hose. 

You'll Receive Health Education:  “Doctor” comes from the latin “docere”, which means to teach.  I take this seriously and consider education essential to this process. You will receive lots of health education through coaching, handouts, webinars, and other resources.  Check out the Resources page on my website for some freebies.

Still have questions?  Please read more about my offerings, Naturopathic Medicine, and how I can help you on this website or you can just call me. I welcome a good chat about what I do and how it can help you or your loved ones. Initial consults are always free.


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